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Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  War Widows UK It is incredibly difficult when all alone, a young woman has to dig deep into all her reserves of courage at the worst moment of her life when she learns that she will never again hear her man's voice, enjoy his companionship and that there will be no Dad laughing with the children.

 Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance To know that they are NOT alone, that other women have shared similar pain - practical and emotional help is available from the War Widows Association.The Spirit of Remembrance FULLY supports the War Widows Association.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  For most widows, their children and grandchildren there is impermeable sadness - but a great sense of closure - when they stand in a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery and see their husband's name on a headstone with his rank and cap badge.

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  - You deserve to visit your spouses grave or memorial, so please let us help you.  All you need to do is call us on 01622 608269 and we will help.  We can arrange a personal journey for you or you can join your family or a group.

The Ministry of Defence has funds allocated for war widows and widowers who have lost their partners prior to 1967 since when repatriations have take place, and are entitled to claim a travel grant for a FREE visit to their spouse's grave or memorial. War Widows proudly march on Remembrance Day

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance  The Government pays the full travel costs for the eligible Widows and Widowers. In addition, the Government pays for a carer to travel with them within the UK. It is important to note that widows and widowers who have remarried are equally eligible.

A message from Rosalind Campbell MBE, Chairwoman of the War Widows Association. Rosalind is also a valuable member of our Advisory Board.

"Over the years I have spoken many of you and I am always amazed by your strength and resolution. You are very special people and we believe that you deserve to receive a grant. Many destinations previously closed to visitors such as Ambon in Indonesia are now open for you to visit. The War Widows Association is also here to help you. To learn more about the War Widows Grant-in-Aid Scheme  call Spirit of Remembrance and they can take your details and start the process to obtain your travel grant."

Poppy - Spirit of Remembrance   Travel with Spirit of Remembrance and open the Gates of your Family History..


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