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NEW! 2019: WW1: April: Canal/River Boat
WW1 Somme Cruise/Tour

NEW! 2019: WW2: Hellfire Pass & Death Railway Tour 23-28 April:  BKK-BKK Thailand

June 2019: WW2: 75th Anniversary Tours:
D-Day Normandy: France

2018/19 Veterans/War Widows FREE Travel Grants

 2019/2020: WW2: Bomber Command
'Braver than Brave

2019: WW2: 75th Anniversary: North India/Burma
Battle of Kohima & Imphal

** New! 2018/2019 ULTRA WW1 Day Tours ex Paris

2019: WW2: 75th Anniversary Tour
Battle of Scheldt & Liberation of Holland

2020: WW2: 80th Anniversary
Battle of Britain: London Blitz

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The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Who - and what - is Spirit of Remembrance? (Here's some background on us and our guides!)

Operating since 2011 as a dedicated, SPECIALIST travel and touring company ONLY for Battlefield Travel & Tours, we are a business with a major difference to other similar businesses. First and foremost:  We are PASSIONATE about REMEMBRANCE. We love what we do. We know what we do. We also take great personal satisfaction, pride and comfort from what we do. Premium Battlefield Travel & Tours - crafted with enormous attention to your family history connection(s), along with great pride, high quality, enormous historic knowledge and immense devotion to our specialist craft.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance We at Spirit are also passionate about our ethos and our core identity: Remembrance. Our philosophy and goal is to Perpetuate Remembrance to living and future generations through family history education, historic knowledge and enthused inspiration. Above all, Spirit pays tribute to those whose sacrifices, extraordinary courage and immense bravery gave us the freedom we enjoy today.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Spirit was born of a fierce determination to provide PREMIUM - yet affordable - special REMEMBRANCE & FAMILY HISTORY global travel experiences with the best specialist battlefield guides in the world, providing the highest standards of customer service, ethics and travel experience possible.

World War 1
With the centenary of the Great War now in its final year - remembrance of the millions of young men who fell on the killing fields of the Western Front in France and Belgium is at its peak. We invite you to join us over this remaining centenary period as we help you retrace your ancestors footsteps back to France and Belgium in WW1.

World War 2
21 years later - with the dust scarcely settling from the massive rebuilding program nearly finished  from the apocalyptic destruction of lives and property from WW1 - Nazi German propelled the world into another cataclysmic conflict. World War 2 had begun. In 2019 and 2020 we will commemorate respectively many 75th and 80th WW2 Anniversary events. Join us for what will be another set of very historic WW2 anniversary events. And - enjoy our great WW2 slideshow D-DAY & MORE..

 The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance All families have a war hero in their family..! It's time to find yours...

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance We are a specialist Battlefield and Remembrance PREMIUM tour and travel company. That's all we do. And - We are fully licenced travel professionals operating under our OWN travel licence(s). Your money is kept in a Trust Account - that is managed by EXTERNAL Trustees. Many other battlefield tour operators ARE NOT licenced - and DO NOT keep client monies in a Trust Account.

We also use wherever possible Badged Guides from the elite Guild of Battlefield Guides who are exceptionally highly trained and experienced battlefield guides.   

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Our client testimonials simply say it all..

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Our other dedicated Country Specific Websites: 
Australian Battlefield Tours | Canada Battlefield Tours |
New Zealand Battlefield Tours | USA (American) Battlefield Tours 

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Why we are REALLY different: We are NOT a travel or a coach company operating 'budget priced volume tours' to battlefield sites with driver guides only. We research all our clients military family history. We walk the actual places and fields where your ancestors fought - and fell. We have tailored ALL our Remembrance and Battlefield tours specifically to suit our clients individual needs as required from their home country: UK: Australia: NZ: Canada: USA. Our ability to create individual source country specific multi day, 1 day and tailor made tours makes us unique.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance We can ALSO create 'one off'' 'TAILOR MADE' travel experiences: by price, by itinerary requirements, or by specific grave and memorial visits for your relatives, by accommodation, by transport and any other special 'out of the way' museum or other visits you require. We use  wherever possible central upmarket quality hotels and modern transport options - with a dedicated expert historian/guide and usually a separate driver.

The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance Our tours are structured for all: individuals, small groups, family groups and larger groups. Both our Battlefield and Remembrance tours 'walk the ground' where your ancestors fought, often pinpointing the area where they fell and visiting their graves or memorial inscriptions (Tyne Cot, Menin Gate, Thiepval etc). Our expert battlefield historian guides can also do extensive family history research for your ancestors with a variety of *top level resources (*some actually closed to the public) such as the National Archives, Regimental HQ's, Army/Air Force records etc.
The Flanders Poppy - The Spirit of Remembrance We also have pretty impressive connections (see our Advisory Board) and a real depth and range of experience. It's also our management team and our tour guides - that we think makes us one of the best in the business in the field of battlefield tours and travel along with family history armed forces research.

We also have IMPECCABLE financial credentials with full ATOL, ABTA and IATA travel licencing providing absolute financial security for you - our clients. Your money is SAFE with us. And - our online presence and website utilises the latest social media applications - offering a truly remarkable and rich interactive user experience  - where you can share your stories, dreams and questions with us and others - and become part of our amazing online community.


 World War 1 Battlefield Tours France & Belgium: Journeys of Remembrance: War Graves:  Walk the Battlefields of World War 1 (WW1) : Including the Somme, Ypres Salient, Mons, Verdun, Flanders, Arras, High Wood &  Passchendaele with Spirit of Remembrance. Learn about the WW1 Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Indian & United States battles. World War 2 Battlefield Tours & Remembrance Tours: Pilgrimages & War Grave Visits:: Dunkirk & Operation Dynamo, Operation Overlord & D-Day landings at Normandy, Arnhem, Monte Cassino, St. Nazaire, Dambusters, Colditz Castle, Berlin, Italy & Italian Campaign, Anzio, Tobruk & Rats of Tobruk, Al Alamein, Singapore, Hong Kong, Burma, Kohima &  Imphal.

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Spirit of Remembrance: Battlefield Tours Australia : Battlefield Tours Canada: Battlefield Tours New Zealand: Battlefield Tours USA: Anzac Day Villers-Bretonneux